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2018 Honda CRF450R



















Getting the holeshot can be the difference between winning and losing. The CRF450R has been designed to nail holeshots and maintain that advantage all the way around the track. The powerful engine produces pro-level performance; while a light weight frame, updated suspension settings and slim bodywork help put all that power to the ground. The CRF450R offers class-leading power and handling backed by the kind of quality only Honda provides.

Ultra-light aluminium frame gives the CRF450R sharper handling than ever before. Unicam engine with a higher redline, makes more power and features an Engine Mode Select button that allows the rider to alter power delivery to match riding conditions. The straighter downdraft intake system and exhaust ports have aggressive valve timing to help boost performance across the powerband. The compact dual muffler system is also lightweight and contributes to more centralised mass for quicker handling. For 2018 the electric starter and lithium Ion battery are standard; kick start is removed. The titanium fuel tank helps lower the bike’s centre of mass, again for quicker steering.

Coil spring fork offers fully adjustable rebound and damping to match track conditions. Updated suspension settings to 49mm coil-spring Showa® fork and low-positioned Pro-Link rear system. Bodywork with embedded graphics offers ultimate durability. Premium Dunlop Geomax MX3S motocross tires feature block-in-a-block technology to provide maximum traction in a wide variety of terrain. Quick-adjust clutch perch allows easy cable adjustment. Aluminium Renthal handlebar (971 bend) is rubber-mounted to help reduce rider fatigue and improve comfort.


Diamond-like carbon (DLC) low-friction coating on the intake rocker arm and piston pin reduces frictional losses for increased power and durability. Four oil jets cool the piston from below for consistent power and added durability. The Unicam engine uses a common oil supply for both the transmission and cylinder assembly to simplify oil changes and it features a scavenging pump that saves weight and improves lubrication. A unique downdraft intake layout dramatically increases airflow for more power by reducing resistance, improving air-charging efficiency. This intake system features large valves with double-machined valve seats for increased flow and the air filter with more surface area and easier servicing. On the exhaust side, the ports and head pipes are straighter for increased flow and more power.

Use of finger rocker arm allows increased valve lift while retaining compact Unicam® layout. The Engine Mode Select button allows riders to choose between standard, smooth and aggressive power curves to best suit track conditions and the off switch is now combined to save weight. Compact dual muffler with gradual pipe bends for smooth exhaust flow. saving weight and contributing to greater mass centralisation and a lower centre of gravity for quicker response to rider commands. Updated ECU setting makes for more useable powerband.

The Dual-Stage injection system fires two fuel charges into the cylinder during every fuel cycle. The first charge is used to cool the intake valve/port area in order to increase the density of the air/fuel mixture, while the second charge increases the amount of fuel directed into the combustion chamber to improve power and response. Gear-driven balancer reduces vibration and drives the water pump. More compact clutch assembly with fewer, thicker plates narrows engine width. Radiators are narrower and mounted low in the chassis to help lower overall centre of gravity. Standard electric start with lightweight lithium-ion battery.


The fuel tank is fabricated from ultra-lightweight titanium and placed high in the chassis compared to many components, saving weight and contributing significantly to mass centralisation and handling agility. Lightweight sixth-generation aluminum twin-spar frame allows precise cornering performance. Lightweight aluminum rear subframe with extruded gussets helping to centralise mass.

Lightweight aluminium swingarm provides added rigidity with optimized vertical and lateral stiffness. Kill switch/ignition-map-adjustment switch combined into one unit for low weight. Plastic bodywork with smooth layout and film-insert graphics for sharp appearance and durability. Front fender shape allows efficient air path to radiator.

Updated suspension settings to 49mm coil-spring Showa® fork and low-positioned Pro-Link rear system. Rear shock is mounted low in the frame, contributing to lower centre of gravity. Additionally, the rear shock aligns with the centre of the bike, increasing overall balance. Dunlop Geomax MX3S tyres feature exclusive block-in-a-block construction that increase traction over a broad range of terrain, the MX3S lets riders get the most out of the CRF450Rs massive power.


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